Wanted Positions!

Hey guys! We’re currently looking for JAPANESE to ENGLISH TRANSLATORS and PROOFREADERS for the following projects:

★ Kachou wa Kakko Ii by Nanami – JPN Translators

We are also in need of CLEANERS for our new projects. If you have time, you can check out our wanted positions here for more information. Thank you.

Cab Vol. 36 + Other Manga Fund

So, we found out that there’s a new chapter for Blue Sky Complex yesterday and we need funds so we could buy that new chapter (today or tomorrow.) The approximate overall price would be $68.00 because I also wanted to buy the prequel (or was it sequel?) to Umibe no Etranger by Kii Kana plus a new manga (bcoz pretty cover yeah.)

If you can help donate any amount for this project, all is very much appreciated! Once we get the right amount, we will stop the funding and I will order for the books right away.

You can donate through the button –> 

Thank you very much :)

[manga] Promise of Children ch.6 (extra)

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Aha, look what came back from the dead! Chiisana Koi no Melody! Which will be renamed as “Promise of Children” from now on. I think there’s another extra for volume 1, according to HokaHoka o,O And, then after that we will work on volume 2! We already started working on it, so yay.

Regarding my previous post, this will be the last release until June comes :> Well, enjoy~!

Hibernating Taimu~!

Hey guys! Just letting you know that MXR will hibernate for a while. Meaning, we’re gonna go under a short hiatus. We’ll come back by June with lotsa projects (hopefully.) Jaz/XRYUCHAN27 is just gonna do some real life matters at hand, so yeah… Don’t miss us too much! :P

See you soon!

[manga] Magic Mail Choco + Sayonara Note

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And yet another joint project with the amazing Canis Major Scans group :) Better pay them a visit and say your thanks as well for their hard work! This is a new project from Yuki Ringo. It’s another lovely story which I’m sure you all gonna love :)

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Okay, I know this has been scanlated already but since I have the book and the group scanlating this manga is kind of inactive now, we’re going to re-scanlate the whole thing from scratch. Plus, I just have a thing with bad quality scans ;w;

So this is our release for today’s Valentine’s Day! I hope y’all enjoy reading! :)

[doujinshi+manga] Sensei Oshiete Ageru + They Name It Love

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For fellow Hitman Reborn fans! It’s been a long time since I last release a KHR doujinshi. It’s not like I’ve stopped to release them, just been busy working on manga ;w; Anyway, since I got complaints about the KHR dj section not having download links and infos, I made a masterlist for it. You can view it here.

Download + Read Online

Yes! Here it is, finally! Thank you to Yaoi Desire Revolution for their hard work! Don’t forget to stop by them and thank them too! This is our first time jointing with them, wee~ I hope you’ll like this new series!

Please enjoy~