UPDATES : Ongoing & Future Projects List


Blue Sky Complex : Unfortunately, we haven’t received any mail regarding the scans from uminonaka girls :< But I’ve ordered myself a copy of it so hopefully it’ll arrive soonest.

Kaichou wa Kakko Ii : It’s currently being translated by Ciel. Just another short story and an extra left.

Ryoute ni Darling : Chapter 3 is still being edited (clean/type) Only one more story for RND plus another extra story left.

Fukuro and Him : Oh! I received a status update from Sara of Yaoislife for this! And it’s being typed atm.

Colorful Line : CM and us will probably bulk release the other last two chapters of it soon.

Kocchite Muite Waratte : Still on the works. Indigo Scans leader is quite busy atm.

Honey Sweet Kitchen : We will start going slow on volume 3 onward, depending on how fast our translator can translate it :>

Secondly; THE PRIORITY LIST (since we have a lot of translators now, I have assigned them to each of our future projects all ready so…)

Renai Kidou : Is going to be a collaboration with BangAQUA and Golden Shade Scans. It’s currently being translated and is also in my priority list.

Kimi ga Otona ni Naru Mae ni : Also part of my P-list. I’ve always wanted to read this since it was a gift from a friend. Is currently being translated as well.

Kamatte Hoshii no? : We’ve just released chapter 1 of this and is currently on translation.


I’ve added Umibe no Étranger by Kii Kana to our FP list. I think that’s it for the Request/Suggestion for now. We’ve got so many projects to do so requesting projects for us to scanlate/pick up is CLOSED. Any new requests posted in the forum will be ignored till I decide we’ll pick up another :)

Aaand, that’s it for now

[manga] Colorful Line ch.1-3

Like I said in my previous post, CM and us will release this beautiful thang so here it is! You should all go to CM right now and say your thanks too, especially to ikahomine for doing a great job in typesetting three whole chapters :DD Thanks a lot for the hard work, Canis Major team!

IMPORTANT: So, we made a mistake in the previous chapter. The previous chapter was supposed to be chapter 0 or a prologue chapter, and the ones we are releasing now are chapters 1 to 3. So to whoever uploaded our releases which were not supposed to leaked out, please make it right :|

Aaaaand, that’s it for our Halloween releases~
Stay tuned for our Christmas and New Year bulk releases! :P


On the side note, we are looking for more Cleaners and Japanese translators for our manga/doujinshi projects.
For more information, just visit this site, here. Thank you! :>

Photo: Hello, hello! We are currently recruiting for more cleaners and japanese translators for a few manga titles and doujinshi projects. While our doujinshi projects are of Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, Naruto, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn.</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>For more info, please check this site = http://www.mangaupdates.com/showtopic.php?tid=24370

MXR Halloween Releases

Photo: Happy birthday to our lovely and hard working Chinese translator, Bella! I hope you're having a wonderful day today!

I would like to wish our lovely and hard-working Chinese translator, lee_bella, a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you’re having a wonderful day today and gets a lot of treats instead of tricks, heh. Thank you for being with us for… 2-3 years, I think? That’s a long time! *hugs*

Now here are the halloween releases! :>

Happy Halloween to everyone! Although I might be a little advanced to some countries but heck it’s Halloween here now in the Philippines. We don’t normally do this bulk release thing on Halloween since we don’t celebrate it here in my country so it wasn’t included in my bulk release schedule thing. But I guess I’ll add it to my list now that we’re going to release something this year :P It was thanks to someone in the community that we’d release Colorful Line today. Yes, yes, we’ll release CL later in the evening :>

Anyway, here are the Halloween releases! Just gonna put them in one post instead of one by one per manga title. It’s quite a hassle, y’know //dead.

Ai wo Kou Kemono Ch. 6Download | Read Online
Ai wo Kou Kemono Ch. 7 (End)Download | Read Online
Honey Sweet Kitchen Ch. 12 + ExtraDownload | Read Online

Now here’s a new manga for everyone! It’s by Suzukura Haru! I’m loving this mangaka because of her super cute characters and fluffy scenes :> By the way, I’m looking for a Cleaner for this project. Currently, I’m the only one and Ava cleaning projects alternatively ;w; But she has her own project assigned so I’m the only one who can clean this manga for now since most of our cleaners are away… like, hiatus away. So I need cleaners for this and for our future projects as well! If you’re interested, please send us an email!

Lastly, I’m online right now in the Chat Room if anyone’s interested to come by :> I’ll be online till later in the evening. If anyone’s curious about my timezone, it’s GMT+8 Manila time.

Without further ado, please enjoy!

MXR Underground

To all our contributors in the group, since I am no longer active in livejournal, I have decided that MXR Donors livejournal community will move out to a private community in Google+. So, if you have previously donated to us, please send in your gmail address, the paypal address you used and its name on it via message or our email, and I will personally invite you in.

On the side note, I have created a Google+ Page for the group. Purpose? To advertise the group more and hopefully converse with everyone in a friendly manner :>

[manga] Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.11

Download + Read Online

So… I said no releases ’til Halloween but I wanted to release something so here it is! It’s not BL or BSC, unfortunately. On the another note, I’ve updated our future projects list! I added a bunch of new manga titles, although most of them are either joint projects from other sc groups or solo projects but we promise to work on them! :> But for that to happen, we need JAPANESE TRANSLATORS! If you are interested to translate any of the titles, please send us an email. Thank you.

I also made changes to the main sidebar – Request/Suggestion topics can be seen in the sidebar, as well as a donation meter so people can see how far we’ve made it for the month. Donation box will be open again in December. This time, we’ll be asking donations for website hosting and other website necessities. Ah, of course, you people don’t have to donate; just if you can :>

Anyway, please enjoy!