[update] Paypal Issues Resolved

Good news guys! My old paypal account has been resolved! It’s no longer being limited so I can receive donations through my old email again which is (mxr.scans@gmail.com) I’ve also updated our donation buttons in the site :)

On the side note, we’re recruiting for more JAPANESE TRANSLATORS for the following titles listed here.

[manga] Kamatte Hoshii no? ch.2

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Helllo! I made it on time, it’s still today! Sorry for the delay! My sis made me tag along with her to our town’s festival so I just finished typesetting this in the evening ;w; Anyway, here’s chapter 2 of Kamatte Hoshii no? :DD Hope ya guys enjoy this as much as we do~

On the side note, BA and MXR’s campaign for our first art book project is now live! If you pledge $5 or more, you will get some rewards for your contribution! For more info, please click this LINK.

Have a nice day!

Fantasia – Anime Fantasy Art Book Project

Are there any artists in this community? Wanna be part of MXR and BA’s first Art Book project? We’ll temporarily call it “Fantasia” which will be a collection of anime characters in the world of fantasy. If you enjoy sharing your passion, this could be a great opportunity to share it with even more people! We accept all art of any genre; yaoi or non-yaoi.

There are no deadlines for now since we are still in the planning phase of the project. But if you’d like to join as one of the artists, feel free to contact us at mxr.scans@gmail.com or BangAQUA at BangAQUA@gmail.com. Thanks!

Be sure to follow us for more updates about the project.
Do share this to your fellow artist friends too, please :>

Welcome to the Underground

Hi guys, just posting about the Underground, seems like I’m gonna get more invite asks if I don’t do this. First off, the Underground is supposed to be only for VIPs and people I really trust, not just randomly invite anyone who comes and ask for invites (those who got invites from me are lucky, meh.) If you want to be invited into the community without contributing to the group then you’ll have to answer three easy questions for me to invite you personally. Answering these questions will prove you are a loyal follower (ie. follower since we were still in livejournal) and that you are attentive of the group itself.

Are you ready? Don’t worry, they’re easy as pie. Now, here are the questions:

1) When was the group founded? Please provide the complete date. What was the reason the group was created?
2) In which months of every year does the group have bulk releases? And, why?
3) Which mangaka do we scanlate the most? And, what was our first project from her?

Comment the answers here and don’t forget to add your G+ email account. If you got all the questions correctly, you will get an invite from yours truly. Otherwise, I apologize if you didn’t.

[manga] Kocchi Muite Waratte ch.1 & 2

Summary: Asano, who works part-time at a pub, is one day confessed to by a hot, antisocial coworker, Kakei. However, even after his confession, Kakei doesn’t make any climactic moves, so Asano decides to take the initiative.

chapter 1 – Read Online / chapter 2 – Read Online

Here’s a new project from us and Indigo Scanlations! They are our new sister site, by the way. So be nice to them or feel my wrath >:| Also, head on over to them to say your thanks as well! This is our first time jointing together on another Ichikawa Kei project so yay! \OwO/

IMPORTANT NOTE. Please, please, please do not add this to the Baka-Update list as this is a request of Nana~N of Indigo Scans. We will be sad if we see this got updated on the BU list :| Anyway, thank you in advanced!

Again, download links will be available only in the Underground.

Well, please enjoy!

[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.6+extra

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Happy New Year 2015, guys! I’m really, really sorry for the long wait! Scanlation-block happened :( But I think I’m slowly getting back to the groove so hopefully 2015 releases will come soon this month. Anyway, this is the last chapter for BSC! It was a long and fun ride so hopefully you guys had a wonderful time as well :) On the other side note, Ava, one of our new editors, bought “Slow Days” and she’ll scan it for us very soon. I’m excited :D

EDIT: I forgot to add the tiny paper that came with the tankoubon. Click ME for it :>

Without further ado, please enjoy!

[manga] Fukuro-kun to Kare ch.3-5+Extra

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Hello! Finally we’re done with this project, and it’s thanks to the whole team of Yaoislife. Be sure to stop by them to say your thanks as well! :)

On the side note, in case some of you doesn’t follow our Facebook page, I have posted there regarding my paypal account. It got limited to the point that I can’t send payments nor close the account; basically, I can’t buy anything from it. So I made a new paypal account. If you would like to donate, please send them to this email address: x.jaz27@gmail.com or use the donate button you see on your right.

Without further ado, please enjoy!