Funding for Batch One Mangas [ Goal Reached! ]

EDIT: Goal reached! Thank you to those who have donated! Much appreciated!

Hey guys! It’s time for /that/ again. There are a few books I’d like to buy but we are out of funding because of last year’s purchase. So, I’d like to ask everyone’s help again. These are the books I am planning to buy, there are probably more but that’s it for now. These will be added to our future list, others will be for next, next year, depends if we can finish it that fast this time

I also plan to buy 2014年CIEL11月号where Ichikawa Kei’s new serialization came out of. I’ll probably have to buy it monthly… or I’ll have to wait for the tankoubon to come out…? What do you think?

Anyway, I need approximately $50.00 for batch one. Of course, you don’t have to donate if you don’t want to. Remember, we are not forcing you to donate! If you are willing, then thank you very much!


Missing Page in Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.10

Hey guys! There was a missing page in the recently released chapter of Honey Sweet Kitchen but thanks to BigAl for noticing it and for providing the raw page that I’ve fixed the problem. I’ve overwritten the download link and fixed the pages in our reader. Please download this page and just fix the pages yourself :) Or re-download the whole thing. Also, page 8 and 9 are swapped, fyi.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Chat Room + Renai Kidou + Recruiting

We moved to a new chat room which you can find from the navigation above. Our previous chat room, Chatzy was very laggy and inconvenient for having the only maximum of ten people in the room unless I get a subscription for it which I don’t want to do coz the piggy bank is for books only :| Anyway, come and join us in there whenever you’re free!

On the side note, we and BangAQUA will be working together on Renai Kidou by Hino Garasu as well as its sequel.

Yes, yes. I know. GS Scans has already released chapter 1 but in low quality. I don’t mind them working on the same project but this has been on our future projects list since forever and we decided to continue working on it with team BangAQUA and release them in high quality like most people preferred. Just letting you guys know that we are not competing with them with quality. Hoka from BangAQUA have beaten me up to a pulp because the scans I got are of low quality and so she decided to buy the book for the both of us so we are going to work on this once the book has arrived at her doorstep :>

Lastly, we are recruiting for more Japanese Translators! For more info, go here.

Thanks for reading! o/