Dropped : Kii Kana & Sesshow Yone

Umibe no Etranger by Kii Kana

I’m dropping this manga from our future projects list because I just found out that Dracaena Scans is working on the same project *siiiiiiigh* Ah well, thanks juju84 for letting me know =)

 Ai o Ano Yo ni Oite Kita by Sesshow Yone

I’m also dropping this manga because it’s been there in the list since 123456789 years. If any groups would like to pick it up, go ahead.

Updates for Re-translation Rules + We got a chatroom!

I made a decision that whichever groups who wants to retranslate a certain project email us first will work on that project. Other groups cannot ask us for the same projects. If you want to work on that same project that badly, go email the first group that got the dibs to them. Because of this new rule, I have removed those groups that asked for the same projects. If you are one of them, you are free to continue working on the project or not.

Also found a website that provides private chat room. But you need to register for an account first to chat with us >,< The features are looking great, though. It supports Mac, Linux and Windows Ap. If you are willing to register and chat with us, sign up here.

[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.7

Download + Read Online

Ah, here’s the long awaited chapter 7 of BSC you all have been waiting for! Thank you so much for waiting for us to work on this~ ;w; These last few months have been hellish especially that time when I lost all my files ;w; I even lost those BL manga I collected *sobbing* So I spent my remaining weeks playing MMORPG, lols.

Anyways, about chapter 8, we found someone who can maybe buy the book and scan it for us. To those who have donated, once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the continuous support! See, this is why I cannot quit scanlating now coz there are people who are waiting for manga we started. I can’t give up now even losing my files D:<

I’ll probably also pick up the two Ichikawa Kei I dropped from the future list recently, hahaha~ Although that means, I’ll be dropping a manga or two by some artists from the list in return >_>

Well, I won’t stop you now from reading this awaited chapter! Enjoy~!

Updates as of 06/27/2015

  • First and foremost, we don’t / won’t drop projects here. If you haven’t heard of a project for 123456789 years, that’s just ‘coz we lack staff for that project. If we did drop projects from our list, we will let you know.
  • Second, I’ve dropped two Ichikawa Kei manga from our Future Projects list because we don’t have raw scans for them, sad :( Although, I did add new manga by various artists in there o-o
  • We still need Japanese Translators :<
  • I haven’t updated the Retranslations list; just check the comments of that post. Posted applications are basically have been approved, anyway. The list is just there to make everything organized. Right now, I don’t have time to put every groups in the list so just see the comments = =
  • Blue Sky Complex chapter 8 is out already and I’d like to purchase it. So if you have the means, please help us by donating, which the button can be seen in the sidebar. Be reminded that you don’t have to if you can’t, we are not forcing you. Thank you. (This is probably the last time I buy BL manga online >,<)

Happy 5th Anniversary, MXR!

Hey, guys! I can’t believe after that losing all the scanlation files incident, I still managed to release something for our fifth anniversary, although it’s not a bulk release like in the past years >,< We lacked man-power for a short period of time. But at least we released something, yeah?


To everyone who have waited patiently for our return, thank you for understanding me >,< I had to take a break from that heart-breaking incident ;w; If not, I won’t probably be able to come back which I’m sure you didn’t want me to :D

Anyway, we’re releasing one KHR doujinshi and one manga today :) Both are at their last chapters. I wanted to release Kamatte Hoshii no? too but yeah, we lacked man-power = = So, I’ll try to release the remaining 3 chapters of that manga in a few days :D

Download + Read Online

Download + Read Online

Also, seems like half of my team went MIA on me when that incident happened. I did emailed them regarding what happened to me, but still yet to receive a reply. So for that, I’m looking for some new man-power for the group. We do have three new manga added to our future projects list and I would like to work on Mashita no Fudanshi-kun since it’s a lovely manga with lovely art style as soon as possible >:3 But well, that depends on my scanning power, hahaha *dead* So if you know someone who can help us or better yet, YOU want to help us, do visit our Join Us page ;3 Thank you ~