[manga] Fukuro-kun to Kare ch.3-5+Extra

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Hello! Finally we’re done with this project, and it’s thanks to the whole team of Yaoislife. Be sure to stop by them to say your thanks as well! :)

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[manga] Colorful Line ch.4,5+extra

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EDIT! Sorry I made a major mistake with the chapters! I thought Chapter 5 was 4 lmao. Fixed it now anyways.

Hello guys! Here’s an update for Colorful Line and it’s the end of this manga :)) It was a fun and wonderful ride with the help of Canis Major Scans team. Thank you for the hard work, guys! It was fun working with you girls :D

Anyway, it seems typhoon Ruby stirred away from where I am living in. With everyone’s prayers, hopefully it will stir away completely from our country and just go somewhere else.

On the side note, it seems a person couldn’t wait for BSC last chapter that she whined about it in our chat room. To make things clear for you guys, I let translators do the project/s at their own pace. I do not give our translators deadlines because deadlines pressures some people. So please, if you know how to respect people then waiting patiently for the release helps us a lot. Asking too much about a project when to be released will only make things worse for you.

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SNK Dj – RiRen x Standing Atop Your Red Corpse

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Here’s to me getting out of the hospital at long last! Can’t believe I’ve been coped up inside the hospital room for a whole week! Now that I’m out, it’s back to scanlating :> I already scanned and gave the last chapter of BSC to our translator so hopefully, we’ll have it scanlated by this week. Sorry for the long wait!

UPDATES : Ongoing & Future Projects List


Blue Sky Complex : Unfortunately, we haven’t received any mail regarding the scans from uminonaka girls :< But I’ve ordered myself a copy of it so hopefully it’ll arrive soonest.

Kaichou wa Kakko Ii : It’s currently being translated by Ciel. Just another short story and an extra left.

Ryoute ni Darling : Chapter 3 is still being edited (clean/type) Only one more story for RND plus another extra story left.

Fukuro and Him : Oh! I received a status update from Sara of Yaoislife for this! And it’s being typed atm.

Colorful Line : CM and us will probably bulk release the other last two chapters of it soon.

Kocchite Muite Waratte : Still on the works. Indigo Scans leader is quite busy atm.

Honey Sweet Kitchen : We will start going slow on volume 3 onward, depending on how fast our translator can translate it :>

Secondly; THE PRIORITY LIST (since we have a lot of translators now, I have assigned them to each of our future projects all ready so…)

Renai Kidou : Is going to be a collaboration with BangAQUA and Golden Shade Scans. It’s currently being translated and is also in my priority list.

Kimi ga Otona ni Naru Mae ni : Also part of my P-list. I’ve always wanted to read this since it was a gift from a friend. Is currently being translated as well.

Kamatte Hoshii no? : We’ve just released chapter 1 of this and is currently on translation.


I’ve added Umibe no Étranger by Kii Kana to our FP list. I think that’s it for the Request/Suggestion for now. We’ve got so many projects to do so requesting projects for us to scanlate/pick up is CLOSED. Any new requests posted in the forum will be ignored till I decide we’ll pick up another :)

Aaand, that’s it for now

[manga] Colorful Line ch.1-3

Like I said in my previous post, CM and us will release this beautiful thang so here it is! You should all go to CM right now and say your thanks too, especially to ikahomine for doing a great job in typesetting three whole chapters :DD Thanks a lot for the hard work, Canis Major team!

IMPORTANT: So, we made a mistake in the previous chapter. The previous chapter was supposed to be chapter 0 or a prologue chapter, and the ones we are releasing now are chapters 1 to 3. So to whoever uploaded our releases which were not supposed to leaked out, please make it right :|

Aaaaand, that’s it for our Halloween releases~
Stay tuned for our Christmas and New Year bulk releases! :P


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