[manga] Ani no Senaka ch.3

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Hi guys! Happy first day of February from my country! I think other countries are still 31…? Hmm~ Anyway! I present you third chapter of Ani no Senaka! Sorry it took so long for us to update this. Well, actually, it’s just me being lazy coz I’ve had this typed a couple of weeks ago. I got busy working with Ichikawa Kei’s mangas, meh.

Oh yeah, I got my Ichikawa Kei mangas (BSC v.2 and Slow Days) and Kocchi Muite Waratte doujinshis today! So I’ll work on Blue Sky Complex hopefully soon. I’ve decided to release it separately from the extras, so… it won’t end in the next release yet which I don’t know when o.O

By the way, I’m in need of funds for that Bright Light Sprout manga by Ichikawa Kei from BexBoy magazine. Shipping fee for it costs $15 and another Kocchi Muite Waratte doujinshi for $10; in total, I need about $25 for the shipping fee for the both of them. Yeah, they’ll be shipped separately coz I won them from different auction people >_< I’m really sorry if I kept on asking for this. I swear I won’t ask anymore after a couple of months D: Anyway, thank you to those who can donate a little :)


[manga] Sore o Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara ch.5+extra

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Hey, guys (and girls)! I’m sorry for these past few days, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and right now I’m a bit in a slump so releases will go back to being random like always. This will be the last Ichikawa Kei project we’ll release for this month of January. I’ll wait for my copy of BSC vol. 2 to scan the extra chapter and then update BSC 11 hopefully next month, so don’t expect release of it anytime soon ^^; You’ll know when I get it if you are following me in my personal twitter account – @xryuchan27.

I also would like everyone to know about the ad links. Because we’re not doing it anymore, we won’t have any means on getting a little bit of funding for buying our books or paying our host site so we would appreciate it very much if you could donate a lil bit that you can afford every two months. Yeah, just every two months ^_^ Domo arigato minnasan!

Oh btw, we’ll be releasing a new manga project soon~


[manga] Mashita no Fudanshi-kun ch.3

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I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days and til now. I stopped taking my depression meds for two months so now I’m back to taking them again and I have this want feeling to slam my head on the freaking wall :| I won’t be able to be online in the computer for hours either so I won’t be able to work on scanlation stuff for a while =w= Also, seems like there are some people who keeps on asking about when I’ll release Sore o. You have my reason why it’s taking long and it’ll take more longer to be released cause someone asked just recently about it :D

Well, enjoy peeps!

[manga] Sore o Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara ch.4

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I think I spent the whole morning waking up and ended up sleeping, over and over again, while typesetting this. I just get really sleepy in the mornings *zzz* Anyway, next chapter will be the last chapter! I’ll try to wrap up this manga this month so we can start working with our other projects. LMAO. I neglected our other manga projects to finish Ichikawa Kei’s (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Please enjoy!

[Wanted] Translators, Typesetters, Cleaners for BL and Non-BL Manga!

I need a Japanese Translator for Boku no Furusato Restaurant. This is a shoujo and has three complete volumes. We will also need Japanese Translator who can work on Dramatical Murder doujinshi in the near future. So it’d be great if you can work both on manga and DMMD doujinshi :D Cleaners for Kimi ga Boku no Terasu, Boku no Gunjo, Usotsuki no Shisen, and other manga projects we have. Typesetters for any available projects that we have already translated scripts of and cleans.

If you are interested in any of the positions above, do send us an email with your samples for typesetting and cleans. You don’t have to be experienced in translating as long as you can translate 1 to 2 chapters a day.

Please spread the love~(●´∀`)ノ♡