Dropping Yasaka Koukou Shakou Dance Bu

I’m dropping this series since Fujoshi Bitches has it on their list (and someone told them we’ve been dead). They did emailed me about it after asking to joint with them but they didn’t respond back and the email was dated back on September :| So I’m dropping it.

On the other hand, I’ve added a new project to our future projects list :)

Also, we’re not dead. I’ve just been sick for three whole days :|

Jaz’s Personal Blog

If you want to know more about my everyday life and updates about “why-are-you-gone-for-123456789-years?”, please check my LIVEJOURNAL blog, since I don’t really want to post anything personal in here :)

On the side note, I made a Google+ public community since majority of you here uses G+ accounts. I made it so we could, IDK, get to know each other? If you’re interested, check it HERE.

I may release something this week. Maybe.

[manga] HSK ch.13-14 & YasaEpi ch.1

So I finally made a Facebook group for those who uses it. Feel free to post anything in there when you asked for a join request and got accepted =) Just that, there won’t be any project release there but previews and random stuff.

Anyway, PROJECT RELEASES! I got two three projects for you today =)

+ Honey Sweet Kitchen v3 ch.13 = Download | Read Online
+ Honey Sweet Kitchen v3 ch.14 = Download | Read Online
+ Yasashii Epilogue ch.1 = Download | Read Online

Enjoy! \OwO/