Author: Nyx

We’re Moving Out of MXR.shounen-ai.net~

Heyo peeps~ uhh, let’s make a long story short. We’re moving out of mxr.shounen-ai.net coz it doesn’t feel right to stay in the site when we’ve changed the group name. I want to forget all the bad stuff that had happened and make a fresh new start with the new group name. So…. — click the image to go to the new site — As for… Read more →


SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! We’ll be back later to fix it. Right now I’m busy shitting myself with this dang forum I’m making @_@ Oh, by the way, I got the link to the reader admin cp but I can’t log in coz IDK my password. So I’ll be posting some restricted files (*coughMadCincough*) to the forum once it’s done. People… Read more →