Cab Vol. 36 + Other Manga Fund [ GOAL REACHED! ]

EDIT: We now have our goal reached! We even got a bonus and will be used for our next time’s purchase. Thank you so much to everyone who have contributed! Remember, if you have G+ account, please send us your email address so we can invite you in!

So, we found out that there’s a new chapter for Blue Sky Complex yesterday and we need funds so we could buy that new chapter (today or tomorrow.) The approximate overall price would be $00.00 because I also wanted to buy the prequel (or was it sequel?) to Umibe no Etranger by Kii Kana plus a new manga (bcoz pretty cover yeah.)

If you can help donate any amount for this project, all is very much appreciated! Once we get the right amount, we will stop the funding and I will order for the books right away.

Thank you very much :)

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