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Manga – Ai wo Kou Kemono ch. 4 & 5

Title: Ai wo Kou Kemono Artist: Hakutou Noriko Genre: Yaoi, Incest Rating: R-18 Chapter —▶ 4 & 5 Download them here. Notes: We’re almost at the climax of this series! Just two more chapters to go and it ends! But whoa, I checked the last update and it was April…? Hahaha~ Sorry about that! Enje’s been busy with school so we only had the time to… Read more →

Manga – Ai wo Kou Kemono Ch 2 & 3

Title: Ai wo Kou Kemono Artist: Hakutou Noriko Genre: Yaoi, Incest Rating: R-18 Chapter —▶ 2 and 3 Summary: Senoo Kaoru falls in love with an attractive freshman he meets at the library, Shinohara Akira. Souya is unable to let go of the memory of his beloved. And Akira is a lonely boy starving for love. No matter how strongly they… Read more →