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[manga] Ani no Senaka ch.3

Download + Read Online Hi guys! Happy first day of February from my country! I think other countries are still 31…? Hmm~ Anyway! I present you third chapter of Ani no Senaka! Sorry it took so long for us to update this. Well, actually, it’s just me being lazy coz I’ve had this typed a couple of weeks ago. I… Read more →

[manga] Ani no Senaka ch.2

Download + Read Online Sorry for the very long wait! But here’s an update for this title, finally! I’m currently having emotional crisis so updates might be a little slow as I try to calm myself down. I’m not even sure if there’ll be release on the actual New Year’s day, coz most of our staff are spending their time… Read more →

[manga] Ani no Senaka ch.1

Download + Read Online Orayt! Here’s another new project from Sagami Waka <3 I just love this artist’s works, I don’t know why. I’ll post the other new project, Yasashii Epilogue, some other time :) I also need to finish some unfinished projects which we’ve neglected for a decade now ; w ; Sorry! On the other hand, is anyone interested… Read more →