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[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.10

Download + Read Online First real release for 2016 and it’s Blue Sky Complex! Yay!(●´∀`)ノ♡ The next chapter will be the last for this series. I already passed it to our translator so hopefully we can update this again sometime next month or at the earliest (´∀`)♡ Thank you so much to the people who helped me with this project; you know… Read more →

[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.9

Download + Read Online Like I promised, here’s the long awaited chapter of BSC! \OwO/ I found scans for chapter 10 in the internet and so I already passed it to Rei, our translator. We’re not going to release it anytime soon, though. But maybe on Christmas or before :| Depends whether she can finish it soon :DD Anyway, enjoy! Read more →

[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.8

Download + Read Online Here’s the awaited chapter of Blue Sky Complex! Chapter 9 is already in the translating phase. Thank you so much to everyone who have greeted me happy birthdays :) Please don’t mind me giving you presents instead of me getting any XD Next and last Ichikawa Kei project release for today will be that hate-love relationship manga… Read more →

[manga] Blue Sky Complex ch.7

Download + Read Online Ah, here’s the long awaited chapter 7 of BSC you all have been waiting for! Thank you so much for waiting for us to work on this~ ;w; These last few months have been hellish especially that time when I lost all my files ;w; I even lost those BL manga I collected *sobbing* So I… Read more →