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[manga] Promise of Children ch.5

Download + Read Online Here’s the second release in celebrating our 1000 likes in our Facebook page! Sorry for the long wait to those who are reading this manga! Hoka and I are truly busy with life matters so I hope you’ll forgive us! *bows* Please don’t forget to say your thanks to the BangAQUA team as well! *hugs BA… Read more →

[Manga] Promise of Children ch.4

Download + Read Online Here’s the newest chapter of “Promise of Children / Chiisana Koi no Melody” and wow, I think the last update was last year, October! Whoa! We’re really sorry for the long wait! Both groups – us and BangAQUA – we’re both busy; although it’s more like procrastinating in xryuchan27’s side, heh. This is also to commemorate… Read more →