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Manga – Crown Craze ch.6.1

Download + Read Online Hey guys, here’s the extra and last chapter of Crown Craze. It was a really fun and enjoyable ride. We’re very pleased to have another manga finished! You know what this means right? This means we can pick up new ones for next year, ohohoho~ On the side note, we revived our previously dead chat room.… Read more →

[manga] Crown Craze ch.6

Download + Read Online To celebrate my brand new computer, here’s a new release by Suzukura Hal! Just one more chapter and we’re done with this manga :) Gotta say thanks to Addi, for her hard work in cleaning and typesetting this =w= Thanks for the hard work, Addi! *hugsya* Also, if we reach a thousand likes in our Facebook… Read more →

[manga] Crown Craze ch.5

Download + Read Online I’m going to use adfly links again, just ’cause. Meh. Should have been using it once upon a time but I didn’t really want to have advertisement links on the site =A= But since I want some stuff to purchase online, I need to do this again. Hope you guys don’t mind. Anyway, here’s the long… Read more →

[Manga] Crown Craze ch. 4

Download + Read Online We’re finally able to update this series! Thanks a lot to our ever hardworking editor, e94addict for coping up with me, haha. Just three more chapters of this and we’re done :) On the side note, if any of you here asks us when will be the next update of what manga, I’ll freaking kick your… Read more →

Manga – Crown Craze ch3

Here’s the long awaited next chapter of Crown Craze to those who wants it! :P On the side note, I remembered someone asked me in our facebook page about Ai wo Kou Kemono… that project is on-hold for now (even though it only has two chapters remaining before it’s completed) till Enje comes back from Planet Wherever :) Click the… Read more →