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Doujinshi – LevixEren – Pride

Download + Read Online After the bulk release comes the regular releases which will start with a Shingeki no Kyojin doujinshi by NIA! This has been on our current projects list forever and I’m glad that it has finally scanlated at last! Although I’ve found out that another group which solely scanlates LeviEren doujinshi in tumblr have already scanlated this.… Read more →

[Dj] Nakimushimaigo + How To Spend A Sweet Night

Download + Read Online Download + Read Online Ahh~ I was supposed to release this on the Anniversary day but I slept early that day so… Here you go! Late anniversary releases and doujinshi to boot! For the second doujinshi, I know there’s a scanlation of it already but we up and did it when it released so meh.¬†Enjoy~! On… Read more →