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[Dj] Nakimushimaigo + How To Spend A Sweet Night

Download + Read Online Download + Read Online Ahh~ I was supposed to release this on the Anniversary day but I slept early that day so… Here you go! Late anniversary releases and doujinshi to boot! For the second doujinshi, I know there’s a scanlation of it already but we up and did it when it released so meh.¬†Enjoy~! On… Read more →

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release – Day Four

5 Days Countdown to Anniversary Release : DAY FOUR LET’S WELCOME E49ADDICT (editor) AND COMMON POORWILL (jap translator) IN THE GROUP!! YAAAAAY! Whew! It’s laaaaate because I was working with the other two KHR djs today orz I was actually waiting for angel_elysium to come online, though. I was planning to release the next chapter of Ai wo Kou Kemono… Read more →