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[doujinshi] Innocent +2

Download + Read Online I wake up at 3:30AM just to release this together with BangAQUA. I’m insane. BangAqua and us were supposed to release this on June 22 but ehh… it was postponed till today. It’s actually July 5th where I am but happy 4th of July! Ahaahaha. Anyway, here’s the continuation of Innocent + series we released last… Read more →

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release – Day Four

5 Days Countdown to Anniversary Release : DAY FOUR LET’S WELCOME E49ADDICT (editor) AND COMMON POORWILL (jap translator) IN THE GROUP!! YAAAAAY! Whew! It’s laaaaate because I was working with the other two KHR djs today orz I was actually waiting for angel_elysium to come online, though. I was planning to release the next chapter of Ai wo Kou Kemono… Read more →

Day Three – 2 KHR dj, 1 AoEx + Hinatama CH14

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release: DAY THREE Aaaand the releasing continues~~ So, here’s today’s batch of releases~ Two more days to go before the real fun staaarts! Who’s excited!? ….I’m not. I’m more excited to my one week off and get my sleep back. I’ve started sleeping so laaate in the morning that I’m a living panda slash zombie… Read more →