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Manga – Flower and Bunny ch.3

Download + Read Online Here’s the long awaited chapter 3 of Flower and Bunny! I’ve finally finished typesetting it, omg. It’s been days since I’ve been lazing around with this chapter, sorreh =A= About, it’s best if you use Google Chrome in accessing our website ^^; Less pop-ups that way. I’ll just apologize for those who kept on getting… Read more →

[manga] Flower and Bunny ch.2

Download + Read Online HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY MOI-XRYU! MXR is now 4 years old! 4 years of bringing you yummy goodies. We are really happy to bring everyone these releases. More new goodies will be coming in the near future *coughcheckthefutureprojectslistcough* For our first release for today, FLOWER AND BUNNY! Okay, I promised everyone I’d release all the chapters… but I couldn’t… Read more →

[Manga] Flower and Bunny

Download | Read Online I have to say that I felt lazy quality-checking this manga till the end. So please excuse my sorry of an excuse to not properly quality-check it till the end D: I just wanted to release something just so you would know that we are not yet dead. We are in the verge of dying though. Hahahaha. oTL.… Read more →