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[manga] Hello Again ch.5+extra

Download + Read Online Done. So done. We are so done with this project. Finally. I’ll see if I can work on Sore o- next but I don’t think I can right away coz right now I’m the only typesetter available and Alpaca Engineer, my new typesetter who I’ve been assigning projects after projects got sick so she’s gonna take… Read more →

[manga] Hello Again ch.4

Download + Read Online I wasn’t planning to release this one chapter today but I wanted to try something out if MangaGo really had their bot system target locked on our reader and so I was right which you can see from this photo – I uploaded a decoy chapter to our reader first. It’s quite hilarious if you think about me doing this… Read more →

HNY 2016 Bulk Release~(●´∀`)ノ♡

Happy New Year, 2016! “May all your dreams from the last year turn into achievements during this New Year.” Another year, another bulk release and a whole new adventure awaiting us~ (‘∀’●)♡ First of all, I’m sorry ch.3 of Ani no Senaka couldn’t make it today ; w ; I got swept away by Vampire Mika~ Well, here’s our releases for this… Read more →

[manga] Hello Again ch.2

Download + Read Online Hi~! I’m finally awake from my slumber so here’s an update for Hello Again! \OwO/ I’m really sorry for those who waited for the update ; w ; Hopefully we can update this whenever my translator finishes translating the chapters :) By the way, I noticed the recruitment image I’ve been using til now, I still use… Read more →

[manga] Hello Again ch.1

Happy birthday to me~! And, happy birthday to all of you! Here’s my present~ Download + Read Online Hello! Since I haven’t finished typesetting our two new manga titles, I decided to release Ichikawa Kei projects today on my birthday! \OwO/ Next release will be the awaited chapter from Blue Sky Complex :) On the other hand, for those who… Read more →