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[manga] Hintama v2 ch18

Download + Read Online Again, I can’t seem to post in livejournal so I’ll post this here first. My livejournal post page is kind of messed up and I don’t really get it why when other’s looks fine and all. Hmmm. Anyway! This is the last chapter guys! We’ve finally accomplished another manga from our list. We’re so proud of… Read more →

Hinatama v2 ch17

Download + Read Online Unnnngh. I’m having a really hard time posting in livejournal so I’m posting this release here for now orz. Haaa— This is second to the last chapter. This chapter can be really misleading if you’re a fujoshi/fudanshi… can’t really blame you, though. I too, wished for them to go “that” way *winknudgenudge* Haha~ Well then, the… Read more →

[manga] Hinatama v2 ch16

Download + Read Online Two more chapters to go before this series ends //sad. Anyway, this release is dedicated to nekojiro (it’s her birthday today, guys~ don’t forget to greet her too when you’ve got the chance :D) and a belated happy birthday to one our of translators, Heki ;D Before I forget, we’re looking for people who could make… Read more →

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release – Day Four

5 Days Countdown to Anniversary Release : DAY FOUR LET’S WELCOME E49ADDICT (editor) AND COMMON POORWILL (jap translator) IN THE GROUP!! YAAAAAY! Whew! It’s laaaaate because I was working with the other two KHR djs today orz I was actually waiting for angel_elysium to come online, though. I was planning to release the next chapter of Ai wo Kou Kemono… Read more →

Day Three – 2 KHR dj, 1 AoEx + Hinatama CH14

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release: DAY THREE Aaaand the releasing continues~~ So, here’s today’s batch of releases~ Two more days to go before the real fun staaarts! Who’s excited!? ….I’m not. I’m more excited to my one week off and get my sleep back. I’ve started sleeping so laaate in the morning that I’m a living panda slash zombie… Read more →