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[manga] Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.8

Download + Read Online This is gonna be the last release for a while. Next release will be maybe around in the mid of September. Hopefully the next release will be Blue Sky Complex, mehehe. I know everyone’s dying to read the next chapter. Don’t worry guys, we will work on it as soon as Uminonaka has scanned it. Also, I… Read more →

[manga] Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.7

Download + Read Online Hellooooo~~~!!! It’s the first week of July! Wow. July already and we’re on volume two for this series. We still lack members but ehh, I’m trying my best for the meantime =A= I might release Hana to Usagi last two chapters this week or the next, dunno. Anyway, enjoy this chapter! Nyahaha, Maeda is so dense… Read more →