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Manga – Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.4

Download | Read Online I wanted to release two chapters but uhh… maybe next time! For now, enjoy this one; Maeda here is so tsundere~ ;3¬†For the previous chapters, go here. On the side note, we are looking for JAPANESE TRANSLATORS¬†for this series. You don’t have to become a member; volunteers are absolutely welcome! We’ve got scans till chapter 12… Read more →

Manga – Honey Sweet Kitchen Ch2-3

Here’s another~ And daaaaaaaamn, the story is getting gooooood~~~ We’re really sorry for the long wait! Hopefully, we’ll work on this one next after Crown Craze is completely done :DD Title: Honey Sweet Kitchen Artist: Yamamoto Kotetsuko Genre: Seinen Volumes: 2, Ongoing Summary: Introducing Minato, who just after entering university dropped out and became the board chairman of the cooking… Read more →