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HNY 2016 Bulk Release~(●´∀`)ノ♡

Happy New Year, 2016! “May all your dreams from the last year turn into achievements during this New Year.” Another year, another bulk release and a whole new adventure awaiting us~ (‘∀’●)♡ First of all, I’m sorry ch.3 of Ani no Senaka couldn’t make it today ; w ; I got swept away by Vampire Mika~ Well, here’s our releases for this… Read more →

Update : Kocchi Muite Waratte On-Hold!

Hey guys! We are really sorry about this project but unfortunately, this ain’t good news because we’re putting Kocchi Muite Waratte on-hold since Indigo Scans’ admin and founder is currently really, really, REALLY busy with her work and life. So once she’s got used to her schedule and everything else, we will resume working on this project. We are truly sorry for… Read more →

[manga] Kocchi Muite Waratte ch.1 & 2

Summary: Asano, who works part-time at a pub, is one day confessed to by a hot, antisocial coworker, Kakei. However, even after his confession, Kakei doesn’t make any climactic moves, so Asano decides to take the initiative. chapter 1 – Read Online / chapter 2 – Read Online Here’s a new project from us and Indigo Scanlations! They are our new… Read more →