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[manga] Mad Cinderella ch.5

Read Online Hey guys. Wassup? We’re still under hibernation but I wanted to release something. This is already done before my files went poof. Still have yet to dig through the read messages in my inbox for the projects my staff worked on. By the way, there seems to be another Ichikawa Kei doujinshi, not sure which, probably another one… Read more →

[manga] Mad Cinderella ch.4

After much contemplating with my brain and heart, I decided to just screw it and share it to fellow fans~   ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍ I blame the people from mangago. They all wanted an update of the manga and here I am doing exactly what they wanted. Oh and yeah, mangago is the new site I go to to read fan comments. Please feed me more… Read more →