Category: One-Shots

[one-shot] Step One by Ichikawa Kei

Download + Read Online Here’s another work by Ichikawa Kei. It’s a one-shot about a guy falling in love at first sight with a stubborn guy. It’s a roller coaster ride of feeeeeels, well that’s what my translator commented about this story ( ̄∇ ̄”) I also had a roller coaster ride of laziness while typesetting this, so it took me a while to… Read more →

Oneshot – Renaimaigo

Download + Read Online This is gonna be the last release for a while. Need to reserve the others for Halloween. Yessss. We’ll be giving you treats. No tricks :) We should all have a party in the lounge room, ne? Everyone should be wearing whatever they wanna cosplay, with pictures! But that’s just a silly idea :P Haha. Anyway,… Read more →