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[manga] Ryoute ni Darling ch.5+extra

Download + Read Online Finally, this is the end of another series from the first batch since we started doing manga. I’m sorry for making you all wait for this series’ ending! I just happened to discover new covers everyday till the first batches got dumped on by the newer ones, hahahaha. The next series I’m gonna finish is Kachou… Read more →

[manga] Ryoute ni Darling ch.3

Download + Read Online Here’s the long awaited chapter for Ryoute ni Darling! I’m so sorry that we neglected this project! But, don’t worry! Cleaning and translating of this project is completely done, and I’m just waiting for the typesetter to finish typesetting ’em and we can release the last three chapters all in one go. For the previous releases,… Read more →