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Manga – Start Line – Slow Starter Extra

Title: Start Line Artist: Ichikawa Kei Rating: G Pages: 06 Notes: This extra takes place after chapter 6 where both Kiyo and Ino are feeling nervous after telling their feelings for each other. This extra chapter was taken from Libre Premium 2012 Diamon Gold. I would like to thank _shirayuki_ from livejournal for the Chinese scans and Lisse02 from aarinfantasy for translating this! o/… Read more →

Manga – Slow Starter Extra Chapter

Title: Slow Starter Artist: Ichikawa Kei Rating: SA, kissing Chapter — Extra Download Here What came after the ending. A timeskip maybe…? Plus drunk Kiyo and all that fluff asdkl Hey guys! Here’s the long awaited extra chapter for Slow Starter! Sorry it took sooo darn long for us to work on this. The translator I assigned it to kinda went MIA on me… Read more →