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ra-ran-ran-ran…. It’s December! O/

I don’t know with you guys but it’s currently December first and I present you this long awaited last chapter of Soushokukei Ism! Download here! It was fun working on this series. All those adorkable moments with the girls and guys. Haha. What chapter do you like best, ne? I like the previous chapter where we met Yamamoto-senpai’s younger sister… Read more →

Of Polar Bears, Stalkers and Commissions :D

It’s Wednesday but I feel like releasing something today.¬†That and I wanna pimp out my side-job with you guys :DD Title: Soushokukei Ism Artist: Watanabe Nana Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance Chapter: 4 – Polar Bear’s Sorrowful Dance Summary: “Grass-eating weirdo is Polar Bear suit weirdo’s older brother!?”, a stalker childhood friend and what’s this with¬†Souji talking as if he’s gonna… Read more →