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[manga] Sweet Life ch.8+9

Download + Read Online Hey guys, you may have noticed getting pop-ad windows when you click a link, I added a wordpress plugin that enables pop-ads to show up so we can earn a lil bit from every clicks from the website :) I won’t be using adfly anymore; I will move to Also, I can’t update each adfly… Read more →

[manga] Sweet Life ch.6+7

Download + Read Online Yeah, so I felt like releasing a chapter(s) of a manga so here it is :)  The real release will be on October 8th, so mark your calendars! Also, it’s time of the month where I’m craving to buy books so if you could spare a penny, I would appreciate it very much. As for what books?… Read more →

[manga] Sweet Life ch.4 & 5 + Recruiting

chapter 4 – Read Online / chapter 5 – Read Online Heyloo, because our translator isn’t done translating the new project – Umibe no Etranger, I’m releasing two chapters of Sweet Life today :> Also, since it’s one of Libre Shuppan’s, there’s no download link available. However, download link will only be available to our Underground members. Without further ado, please enjoy! Read more →

[manga] Sweet Life ch.3

Read Online This will be the last project release until my workload lessens. Normal releases will resume sometime July or in August. Since everyone’s busy with school, my workload in scanlating increased; I manage the projects, typeset, clean, plus releasing projects itself is hard enough because MXR has three sites I’m managing. Hahaha. So yeah, please be patient! Thank you! Read more →