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Nyx Scans has been prettified!

Nyx Scans LINK : Okay, I’m done customizing the blog layout. I can’t figure out how to fix this, though: If anybody can help me fix this, lemme know! For now, users can leave a comment when clicking on a post ^_^ The site links are still down since I’m waiting for Meg to change them and then I’ll… Read more →

Please be alarmed! Hacker got an access to the underground!

The hacker has finally accessed the MXR Underground and posted this message below there. Please be alarmed! This impostor is not me! I mean, he clearly has a very ungirly-like email address to begin with D: Please do not believe anything this person says in the underground community in Google+! Inform your friends about this! Please block Jaz D. (xryuchan27) from… Read more →

Changing Group Name

Hey guys! Because the hacker is using MXR email address and under my name, I will be changing the group name into – Nyxilicious Scans or Nyx Scans for short and my nickname from Jaz to Nyx. I have asked Meg if it’s possible to change the website link, too, otherwise, I’ll request for another hosting and just import the… Read more →

IMPORTANT! Please read!

I, JAZ/XRYUCHAN27, HAVE BEEN HACKED!!! Please read these: My friends became a victim of having the hacker asked them funds in my name.   Updates as of April 12, 2016: – I have recovered of my personal twitter which I have renamed into @kufufu6927 – I have also recovered my personal facebook as well. I have deactivated MXR twitter, tho.… Read more →

Got Hacked

Someone changed my two email accounts’ (personal/main and MXR’s) passwords; can’t open them anymore coz security was shit 123456 years ago that I made them. I can’t open MXR email address anymore either and all the files and contacts there are all gone. Heck, I might lose this account and website, too. If I did, I’ll probably stop scanlating for good… Read more →