Day Three – 2 KHR dj, 1 AoEx + Hinatama CH14

5 Days Countdown to Anniv Release: DAY THREE

Aaaand the releasing continues~~ So, here’s today’s batch of releases~ Two more days to go before the real fun staaarts! Who’s excited!? ….I’m not. I’m more excited to my one week off and get my sleep back. I’ve started sleeping so laaate in the morning that I’m a living panda slash zombie slash fish now ;w; But since I love you all and my work, I don’t mind the pain I’m feeling all over my body.

I would like to say thanks to TEAM FAIRY ROSE for letting us use their scans for AoEx, to LUNARFIREFOX for volunteering on helping me with cleaning and typesetting Proxy 2 and ANGEL_ELYSIUM from RAZURISCANS for whipping me back to work and finish Proxy 2 asdfghjkl (I still have to finish Proxy 3 and the rest of Kemono though, augh.) Thanks a lot for bearing with me and my procrastination o/

Without further ado, please enjoy~

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