Dropping and New Future Projects

I am dropping two of Ootsuki Miu’s manga – “Stay Gold ~Koi no Lesson from A to Z~” and “Familiar”. Why? As much as I’d like to work on any of sensei’s works, they’re just too smutty for me and the staff. I’ll let the other scanlation groups who are used to working with smutty manga do it (if there are any) /sadface

On the other note, I have added 3 new manga in our future project list! Hover it duuudes and you’ll find new titles there. Aaaaaand so! We are currently looking for JAPANESE TRANSLATORS for them :)

I’m also looking for Japanese scans of Tennouji Mio’s “Renai Paradox”. If any of you know or has it, please let me know :))

Next year is surely gonna be fun!

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