Happy 5th Anniversary, MXR!

Hey, guys! I can’t believe after that losing all the scanlation files incident, I still managed to release something for our fifth anniversary, although it’s not a bulk release like in the past years >,< We lacked man-power for a short period of time. But at least we released something, yeah?


To everyone who have waited patiently for our return, thank you for understanding me >,< I had to take a break from that heart-breaking incident ;w; If not, I won’t probably be able to come back which I’m sure you didn’t want me to :D

Anyway, we’re releasing one KHR doujinshi and one manga today :) Both are at their last chapters. I wanted to release Kamatte Hoshii no? too but yeah, we lacked man-power = = So, I’ll try to release the remaining 3 chapters of that manga in a few days :D

Download + Read Online

Download + Read Online

Also, seems like half of my team went MIA on me when that incident happened. I did emailed them regarding what happened to me, but still yet to receive a reply. So for that, I’m looking for some new man-power for the group. We do have three new manga added to our future projects list and I would like to work on Mashita no Fudanshi-kun since it’s a lovely manga with lovely art style as soon as possible >:3 But well, that depends on my scanning power, hahaha *dead* So if you know someone who can help us or better yet, YOU want to help us, do visit our Join Us page ;3 Thank you ~

  53 comments for “Happy 5th Anniversary, MXR!

  1. 08/09/2015 at 11:20 PM

    Happy anniversary ^^, such a long time we go together,

    Sorry for the trouble but may I can ask something? Your group didn’t do the 2nd of manga Fetish ..? I just didn’t see it anywhere.

    • xryuchan27
      08/10/2015 at 2:28 AM

      Sorry, the chapters we didn’t translate were already scanlated which I don’t know by what group. The manga was only requested by someone who had a translator working on it, so yeah >,<

      • 08/13/2015 at 11:21 PM

        Thank you for letting me know this : ).

  2. 07/24/2015 at 10:44 AM

    Happy belated anniversary!! Thank you for sticking on after all the things happened. Looking forward to more years to come. :) Thank you for the awesome releases!!

  3. 07/03/2015 at 3:57 AM

    Thank you a lot for your work

  4. Tunafic
    06/28/2015 at 4:32 PM

    Happy belated anniversary! Can’t believe it’s been that long! Thank you for your hard work!!

  5. BigAl
    06/27/2015 at 6:05 AM

    Well thanks for all your hard work and happy anniversary!

  6. phat008
    06/27/2015 at 2:06 AM

    Happy 5th Anniversary! Thank you for all your continued dedication and hard work. Take care and keep up the awesomeness ^__^

  7. cherry_lips347
    06/26/2015 at 9:30 AM

    Happy anniversary

  8. 06/24/2015 at 2:23 PM

    Happy anniversary and thanks for all your hard work up till now! <3

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