Jaz’s Birthday Bash Release pt.3-1

This is the last batch to XRYUCHAN27’s birthday bulk release :) Again, thank you to those who have greeted me! Even though I should be the one receiving gifts, I’m honestly happy giving you gifts instead :D Your lovely comments are enough to be gifts for me. Anyway, for Honjitsu ha Seitennari!, there’s only the extra chapter which the other two Student Council members, Kaminaga and Gen are in it to be released. So for today’s release, it’s the end for Iyogi and Enzou’s story and there goes one manga; WE FINALLY FINISHED ANOTHER MANGA AFTER 10 YEARS! HURAAAY!! \OwO/

Lastly, I would like to say THANK YOU to BangAQUA team for the hard work with Innocent +3.

Without further ado, please enjoy!

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  13 comments for “Jaz’s Birthday Bash Release pt.3-1

  1. domi
    10/12/2014 at 11:53 PM

    thank you very much:)

  2. Warui Futago
    10/11/2014 at 9:17 AM

    HaPpY HaPpY HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHDay!!!!!! May you have more & more & more birthdays to celebrate *throws confetti*
    Thank you for the yummy releases. *hugs*

  3. deamon1
    10/10/2014 at 6:56 PM

    Thank you very much for the releases and the hard work! ♥

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