Join the Team

Join the Team

Before you apply, check the position description, so that you know what we expect from you. Check our tumblr for current positions we are looking for.

Translators – CLOSED 

- Can read and understand the Japanese and/or Chinese language.
– Is able to produce fluent English sentences.
– Also have to be able to proofread from Japanese
– Strives for perfection.
– Read our guide here.

Japanese to English Proofreader - OPEN 

- Checks the script for any missing translations.
– Has a firm grasp of the English and Japanese language (grammar, spelling, etc.)
– Can rewrite sentences to improve the flow without losing too much of the meaning.

English Proofreader – CLOSED

- Has a firm grasp of the English / Japanese language (grammar, spelling, etc.)
– Can rewrite sentences to improve the flow without losing too much of the meaning.

Cleaner – OPEN 

- Converting raws to grayscale.
– Rotating: vertical lines are 90°.
– Cropping: cut off any surplus space around the page.
– Leveling: make black areas black, white areas white.
– White out: remove text from bubbles, narratives, SFX, etc.
– Redrawing: reproduce the background behind texts, SFX, etc.
– Dodging: remove dirt and spots.
– Take the test here.

Editor – OPEN 

- Basically the same as the cleaner but also can typeset.
– Must have any version of Photoshop. We work with PSD.
– Must have previous experience.
– Read our guide for cleaning and typesetting.

Typesetter – OPEN 

- Adding in text in a readable, presentable manner.
– Making SFX look all nice and shiny.
– Checking for overall readability and typographic consistency and aesthetic.
– Take the test here.

Contact us at with the following information:

Name: (your nickname you want us to call you)
(date of birth)
Desired Position:
Desired Username: (for the credits)
Skills & Experience:
Reason why you want to join the team:
Are you able to work on explicit scenes? Manga? Doujinshi?
Hours of availability – Will you be here temporarily or full time till RL pulls you away?
Social Networking Sites I can contact you with? 
(ie. facebook, twitter or skype)

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