[manga] Ryoute ni Darling ch.5+extra

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Finally, this is the end of another series from the first batch since we started doing manga. I’m sorry for making you all wait for this series’ ending! I just happened to discover new covers everyday till the first batches got dumped on by the newer ones, hahahaha. The next series I’m gonna finish is Kachou wa Kakko Ii. Soon, sooooon it’ll be done as well.

Anyway, we won’t have a bulk release this winter within that one day, aka Christmas. I plan to release a chapter every two or four days till the 25th, that way everyone would be motivated to work on a project every-single-day :DDDD

Lastly, it’s good to be back to scanlation world after all the drama that happened in my life recently. I thank you for all your support and condolences :))

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  1. 12/17/2015 at 12:47 PM

    Thank you for another complete series!! It’s good to have you back so active~ :*D

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