MOD post — 3 seconds advertisements (EDIT)

EDIT: Apparently wordpress doesn’t support advertisements so we will use the “click-the-ADs-in-the-links” in all the links available in our livejournal site. I also added ADs in my personal blog (only on MxR related sites though).

Hello. This is the admin speaking. I’ve already posted this in the MxR Scans livejournal.

From here on out, we will be using advertisements on every links available on the site but the download links. Please don’t be surprised if you have clicked on a link and an advertisement pops up rather than the actual page you wanted to go to. Don’t worry, it will only take you 3 seconds before you can skip the advertisement to the actual page. Unlike other advertisements that pops up a hundred times, is less annoying than those infuriating ones =))

If you are wondering why we decided to add these advertisements, even though I know it will take time for us to earn a single dollar using, it will still help us boost on our funding for future projects. But for this to work, we need EVERYONE’S COOPERATION and click the links that has on them once every 24 hours. These advertisements are based on visitor count so… Yup. That’s that ^_^

Thank you for the support minnasan.

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