MxR and BA Art Book Collaboration

Hello! We would like to present the very first and probably unique art work between scanlation groups. BangAQUA and MxR decided to make an art book or book with illustrations to share art done by awesome artists around the world, as well as another way to raise both scanlation group funds.

We would like YOU to help us conquer the art world by contributing your superhuman powers in drawing.

What you need to make:

  • Art, can be anything you want, we would love it to be related to yaoi, but you are free to make anything from female only, to yuri and so on. Theme, can be any. Be sure to sign your own art.
  • Be sure to give us your own work and not by other’s. Stealing art is a big no-no!
  • Your art can be colored or none. Digital or traditional.
  • You must send your final artwork to as well to with subject – BA&MxR artbook art submission.
  • Inside the mail you must enter your artist pen name and anything you want to tell about your art, can be a comment or anything else =D

What we give to you:

  • If your art is chosen to be in our art book, we will give you a spot on it, as well as all information about you (the comment you added in the mail will be added in the page where your art will be printed or at the end of the book).
  • With that spot/comment other members may request art from you and so you can take commissions if you want of course (if in the comment you allow it).
  • You will also get a laminated paper keychain or something of any character drawn by xryuchan27.

Have fun~!!

  2 comments for “MxR and BA Art Book Collaboration

  1. anon
    02/12/2013 at 9:07 AM

    Sorry, but is there a deadline? This sounds really cool, by the way. :)

    • 02/12/2013 at 10:05 AM

      There’s no deadline for now but we’ll announce everyone about it if we have.

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