MxR finally has its own Donation Box!

Hey guys. This is an important update regarding the donation button or paypal. As you may have noticed, MxR and BangAqua shares the same paypal account but according to what I have said from the previous posts about me discussing it with my dad if could borrow his account and all. Well, guess what, he’s okay with it and lets me borrow it. I’m just waiting for the SoA to be delivered and let me have my account verified.

So, from now on, MxR will have its separate paypal account! I’m gonna do some art commission too sooner or later. Although I’m not sure if my crappy art skills is worth the penny but it’s worth a try. Haha. I’m gonna do some online job site window-shopping soon too. I’m excited. Lol. See what I’d do just to do some scanlating…? Pfft.

I’d like to specially mention xHokaHokax (my wonderful Dada and friend ever) for allowing me to share with her group’s account. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Promise of Children, Warui Koibito ja Dame? and those Vampire Parallel 6927 dj series wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you! O/

If you can donate any amount to the group, I’d be ecstatic.Of course, I’m not forcing anyone to donate money to us. That’d be really bad and I actually don’t like this method of having everyone donate without paying back in return. That’s just the way I am. I still even get awkward when someone gives me stuff without no reason at all. If I could pay everyone back who previously donated to us, I’d do it. Just lemme know, okay? XD

Thank you to all who have previously donated to us. Please keep supporting us! YOSHE!

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