[New Manga Project] …Today is going to be a fine day~

Yaho minnasan~ How are you today~? The weather here is dull. I mean, it’s cloudy and dark, and it’s like it’s going to rain at any moment. It’s annoying especially when your friends invited you to hang out today and such orz. Well, enough about me and useless rants!

We got a new manga project released today~ It’s by Nae*Awaji, we hope you’ll like it~ You can find the new chapter on the usual place under Projects > Current Projects > Honjitsu ha Seiten nari! or you can read it online in Batoto!

On the side note, I would like to apologize about our other manga projects we haven’t updated in a long while. We’re kinda understaffed at the moment ^^; Anyway, hope you guys have a nice weekend~!

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