[Wanted!] We are Open for Recruitment!

Please visit our JOIN US page for more information and tests to take! On the side note, I updated our future projects list and will be adding back adf.ly links to previous and future download links for some extra income to pay for our future raw provider @_@ I set up a new paypal account as well so you’ll be seeing that… Read more →

[manga] Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.16

Download + Read Online Hey, here’s an update for Honey Sweet Kitchen. Unfortunately, since I lost the group’s email address to the damn hackers, I also lost the link to the reader admin page so there’s no read online available right now in the website. Sorry. You can still download it, though! :D To all groups retranslating our works and… Read more →

[Update] Soon to be back!

Hey guys! Just letting you know that the group will be back soon; probably around June-ish, since it’s our anniversary again :) Sixth year anniversary to be exact. Thankfully, I still have some finished translations here with me but no cleaned raw files, unfortunately, and I have to email my staff that I’m semi-back…? I lost my contacts so, akfjdfkdhf We… Read more →

Nyx Scans has been prettified!

Nyx Scans LINK : http://nyx-scans.tumblr.com Okay, I’m done customizing the blog layout. I can’t figure out how to fix this, though: If anybody can help me fix this, lemme know! For now, users can leave a comment when clicking on a post ^_^ The site links are still down since I’m waiting for Meg to change them and then I’ll… Read more →

Please be alarmed! Hacker got an access to the underground!

The hacker has finally accessed the MXR Underground and posted this message below there. Please be alarmed! This impostor is not me! I mean, he clearly has a very ungirly-like email address to begin with D: Please do not believe anything this person says in the underground community in Google+! Inform your friends about this! Please block Jaz D. (xryuchan27) from… Read more →