Changing Group Name

Hey guys! Because the hacker is using MXR email address and under my name, I will be changing the group name into – Nyxilicious Scans or Nyx Scans for short and my nickname from Jaz to Nyx. I have asked Meg if it’s possible to change the website link, too, otherwise, I’ll request for another hosting and just import the… Read more →

IMPORTANT! Please read!

I, JAZ/XRYUCHAN27, HAVE BEEN HACKED!!! Please read these: My friends became a victim of having the hacker asked them funds in my name.   Updates as of April 12, 2016: – I have recovered of my personal twitter which I have renamed into @kufufu6927 – I have also recovered my personal facebook as well. I have deactivated MXR twitter, tho.… Read more →

Got Hacked

Someone changed my two email accounts’ (personal/main and MXR’s) passwords; can’t open them anymore coz security was shit 123456 years ago that I made them. I can’t open MXR email address anymore either and all the files and contacts there are all gone. Heck, I might lose this account and website, too. If I did, I’ll probably stop scanlating for good… Read more →