Artist: Iwaki Soyogo
Genre: Josei, Comedy, Slice of Life
Volumes: 2, Complete
Summary: Amano Hinata, a high school boy, lives a quiet life in the country. One day, a light-haired transfer student, Kazama Ayato, arrives from Tokyo. In such a small town, it’s not long before Hinata runs into the laid-back, absent-minded Ayato, along with with his lively younger siblings: Hayato, Ikuto, and Chiyoko. It’s going to be quite a challenge for the Kazama family to assimilate into their new community out in the country!


Volume 1                          Volume 2
Chapter 1                            Chapter 10
Chapter 2                            Chapter 11
Chapter 3                            Chapter 12
Chapter 4                            Chapter 13
Chapter 5                            Chapter 14
Chapter 6                            Chapter 15
Chapter 7                            Chapter 16
Chapter 8                            Chapter 17
Chapter 9                            Chapter 18

Too many to download? You can now read the whole series here!

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