Kimi ga Boku wo Terasu

Kimi ga Boku wo Terasu (You Light My Way)

Artist: Sagano Hiwo
Genre: Yaoi, Romance

Summary: Even though our path in life is different, we are still looking at the same scenery.

The young actor Tamaki’s 27th birthday is coming. After always failing his audition, for the first time he got a lead role. He lives together with his lover, Kou.  Kou also got promoted to being chief clerk. It seemed like everything was going perfect.  However, suddenly the office called that the lead role would be given to someone else. Tamaki started to feel uneasy because he couldn’t tell his lover, Kou, about the news. Finally anxiety becomes words and everything starts to spill out.

Coming closer, then moving away, then coming closer again. A warm love story slowly growing and heart rendering in one volume.


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