ra-ran-ran-ran…. It’s December! O/


I don’t know with you guys but it’s currently December first and I present you this long awaited last chapter of Soushokukei Ism! Download here!

It was fun working on this series. All those adorkable moments with the girls and guys. Haha. What chapter do you like best, ne? I like the previous chapter where we met Yamamoto-senpai’s younger sister and Kojiro who has incredibly bad luck. Hihihi.

There’s another manga that’s gonna end this month too. If my translators can finish ’em soon, I’ll release it on Christmas day among others. If we cannot make it, probably on January, then? ^^;

We also have three upcoming manga for 2013! If you want faster releases, please come help us with translating! Sankyew! *bows*

And I’m off to sleep! It’s already…. 1:30AM *facepalm* Have a nice weekend, minnasan! See you all next week!

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  1. Mizuouji
    12/01/2012 at 1:38 AM

    Darn it! I am gonna miss this series so much (I already read it like 1923192 times myself but still!)… You guys did a gorgeous job with this series and made so much justice to it!!!!!

    I love you. In a non-yuri way. ;__; /Hugs forever and never lets go.

    • 12/01/2012 at 1:47 AM

      Haha, you addict XDD Yeeeeah. It was fun working on this one O/ The first… shoujo manga ever completed by us. YAAAy. I’m so delighted~~ Thank you to you too, Mizu O/ *HUGS*

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