Retranslation Policy

Any scanlation groups are free to use our English translation but since there are many groups that might want to re-translate a certain project, we will give permission to any group that contact us first.


✿ Always add our original credits page so people can find us.
✿ We do not provide already cleaned .psds because we do not usually save our copies of it even after releasing the project. We apologize for the inconvenience.
✿ Do not ask permission for projects we have not released yet in public.
✿ If you would like to use our own scans, send us an email about it.
✿ For the joint projects, you are allowed to retranslate as long as the other groups say their okay.

For Manga

✿ One language per one project, eg. Spanish group retranslate Hello Again – you cannot ask permission for the same project unless the group is inactive.
✿ For the list of groups doing what title, please check them HERE
✿ You are not allowed to edit nor alter our scanlations and make them as your own.
✿ Please use your own scans or if you see the scanner is “xryuchan27” then feel free to ask for it.
✿ Email this information to

………………..Scanlation group name:
………………..Link to your group:
………………..Project(s) you want to retranslate:
……………….To what language:

For Doujinshi

✿ You are free to work on any of our doujinshi scanlations without asking permission.
✿ You are not allowed to retranslate projects scanned by Sweet Fervor / metamorcy1 as per request by the scanner herself.
✿ Send the original scanners a message to ask permission in using their scans.

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