Soushokukei Ism Ch.2 —- “Vice President is a WHAT?!”

I apologize for the very loooong wait, guys! I got caught up with our other manga projects, OTL. I was supposed to release chapter 3 of Slow Starter today but since I haven’t updated SKism after the first time I released it, well, I didn’t realized it’s been that long already D;

So here you go~! I had fun typesetting this chapter so I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did! Have a nice and relaxing weekend! 

Title: Soushokukei Ism
Artist: Watanabe Nana
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance
Chapter: 2 – Devil Girl’s Pure Love

Summary: Maeda has a lot of things to deal with after meeting Souji, like declining the offer of becoming one of the SC members, dealing with a perverted teacher and finding out the Vice President’s secret!

Download Here.

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