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SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! We’ll be back later to fix it. Right now I’m busy shitting myself with this dang forum I’m making @_@ Oh, by the way, I got the link to the reader admin cp but I can’t log in coz IDK my password. So I’ll be posting some restricted files (*coughMadCincough*) to the forum once it’s done. People… Read more →

Please be alarmed! Hacker got an access to the underground!

The hacker has finally accessed the MXR Underground and posted this message below there. Please be alarmed! This impostor is not me! I mean, he clearly has a very ungirly-like email address to begin with D: Please do not believe anything this person says in the underground community in Google+! Inform your friends about this! Please block Jaz D. (xryuchan27) from… Read more →