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[manga] Honey Sweet Kitchen ch.16

Download + Read Online Hey, here’s an update for Honey Sweet Kitchen. Unfortunately, since I lost the group’s email address to the damn hackers, I also lost the link to the reader admin page so there’s no read online available right now in the website. Sorry. You can still download it, though! :D To all groups retranslating our works and… Read more →

[manga] Mad Cinderella ch.5

Read Online Hey guys. Wassup? We’re still under hibernation but I wanted to release something. This is already done before my files went poof. Still have yet to dig through the read messages in my inbox for the projects my staff worked on. By the way, there seems to be another Ichikawa Kei doujinshi, not sure which, probably another one… Read more →

[manga] Usotsuki no Shisen ch.1

Download + Read Online Sorry, no Blue Sky Complex chapter 11 or any of Ichikawa Kei’s projects. I’ll probably have someone typeset it for me instead since I’ve been feeling under the weather still ; w ; I’m kinda down because our only raw provider for Ichikawa Kei projects quit for personal reasons. So I am devastated to know that… Read more →

[manga] Ani no Senaka ch.3

Download + Read Online Hi guys! Happy first day of February from my country! I think other countries are still 31…? Hmm~ Anyway! I present you third chapter of Ani no Senaka! Sorry it took so long for us to update this. Well, actually, it’s just me being lazy coz I’ve had this typed a couple of weeks ago. I… Read more →