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[Wanted!] We are Open for Recruitment!

Please visit our JOIN US page for more information and tests to take! On the side note, I updated our future projects list and will be adding back adf.ly links to previous and future download links for some extra income to pay for our future raw provider @_@ I set up a new paypal account as well so you’ll be seeing that… Read more →

Project Updates + Recruiting

Wow. I’m abusing Mukuro’s face, huh? Then again, I just used the banner for the second time <3 Anyway, here’s our project statuses so you know we’re not dead yet ^^; ★ Promise of Children/Chiisana Koi no Melody – BangAQUA is already in the middle of cleaning it. Once that’s done, we’ll typeset it right away. We might release it… Read more →

Wanted Positions!

Hey guys! We’re currently looking for JAPANESE to ENGLISH TRANSLATORS and PROOFREADERS for the following projects: ★ Kachou wa Kakko Ii by Nanami – JPN Translators We are also in need of CLEANERS for our new projects. If you have time, you can check out our wanted positions here for more information. Thank you. Read more →

[manga] Sweet Life ch.4 & 5 + Recruiting

chapter 4 – Read Online / chapter 5 – Read Online Heyloo, because our translator isn’t done translating the new project – Umibe no Etranger, I’m releasing two chapters of Sweet Life today :> Also, since it’s one of Libre Shuppan’s, there’s no download link available. However, download link will only be available to our Underground members. Without further ado, please enjoy! Read more →