The Underground

The Underground is a private community that’s made to thank MXR team’s awesome donors. All of the stuff that will be posted there are exclusively for people who have helped and supported us with purchasing our own scans throughout these whole years we’ve been active.

Only donors and selective people can be invited in to the underground. Requirement is that you have to answer a few questions about the group or donate your raw scans for us to scanlate (only if it is what we are seeking for); for staff members, you have to at least done 5 projects to enter, and that you have a G+ account.

Things you can get in the underground:

★ Private releases (esp. those under Libre Shuppan, and others that aren’t allowed to be shared anywhere)
★ Direct downloads (no passwords, no pdf and no ad links)
★ Raw scans

You can also contribute to the group by donating. But remember, you do not have to donate just to be part of the underground. We won’t force you to donate anything to us, only if you want to. If you wish to donate to us, please click the button:  Do not forget to add your G+ email account in the comments so we could invite you in! Or send us an email if you want to donate your scans for us to scanlate.

Thank you so much for the contributions!

If you want to be invited into the community without contributing to the group then you’ll have to answer three easy questions for me to invite you personally. Answering these questions will prove you are a loyal follower (ie., follower since we were still in livejournal) and that you are attentive of the group itself.

Are you ready? Don’t worry, they’re easy as pie. Now, here are the questions:

1) When was the group founded? Please provide the complete date. What was the reason the group was created?
2) In what month of every year does the group have bulk releases? And, why?
3) Which mangaka do we scanlate the most? And, what was our first project from her?

Send your answers to If you got all the questions correctly, you will get an invite from yours truly. Otherwise, I apologize if you didn’t.

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