Updates : Ongoing & Future Projects

Okay, we have a lot of announcement and updates to post today regarding our future and ongoing projects list, so this is going to be REALLY long.


+ Blue Sky Complex = We’ve emailed Uminonaka Scans about the status because of the demand of the next chapter to be out. Hopefully you guys can wait a little more longer for their reply. They’re busy, busy people, too, y’know.

+ Ai wo Kou Kemono = I’ve decided to work on the last two chapters of this regardless of the other group’s permission since Enje of Razuri Scans is currently super busy with school. You’ll see updates of this soon. Just need to quality-check them.

+ Kaichou wa Kakko Ii = We’ll work on the last side story and extra chapter once our translator(s) are free with their current assignments.

+ Ryoute ni Darling = Chapter 3 is currently being typed so you’ll get updates from this soon, as well.

+ Fukuro and Him = Dunno about the status of this, we didn’t dropped it. Promise! It’s just, Sara from Yaoislife is kind of busy at the moment. I’m just waiting for her, although I’ll probably need to ask her about the status one of these days.

+ Colorful Line = Canis Major and us decided to release this in bulk so maybe soon…… sooooooooon you’ll get to see updates from this one.

+ Kocchite Muite Waratte = We’ll probably update this next weekend. Sorry for the wait!

As for our FUTURE PROJECTS. I’ve found out that Renai Kidou has been scanlated by Golden Shade Scans. But we’ll be doing a joint project with them after chapters 2 – 3. I’m not sure about Yuuhi no Oyobu which is the sequel, though. Maybe we’ll work on it, maybe not. Depends.

We’re picking up new projects for next year, three of them has been added to our Future Projects list at our site! And yes, those are ones below (the images)


….And that’s it for this update :D

  22 comments for “Updates : Ongoing & Future Projects

  1. 10/18/2014 at 11:39 PM

    There is nothing to sorry about.. i love to wait
    please enjoy the work.. feel no pressure :D

  2. hamlet'-omlet
    10/17/2014 at 5:26 PM

    Wow! Your update has me anticipating for all the goodies already!?
    Again, i’d like to say thank you for all your hardwork!

    Btw last chapter of Blue Sky Complex is out in Cab Vol 33! *swoons*

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